Pirate the Cat Doing Great!

Found in a shelter with a severely damaged eye, he was given the very minimum dose of pain killers while waiting for his turn to be euthanized. LAP heard about his case and he was pulled from the shelter.  While in surgery an infection was discovered. Pirates eye couldn’t be saved. He remained with LAP during his recovery adding more time to his life in a cage. When Pirate finally found a foster home he hid in the closet for 4 days only coming out to eat in the dark of night. Almost a week after arriving Pirate began to bond with his foster family. He played, purred, and was extremely affectionate. Finally it was time to find Pirate a home. Afraid the transition would send him back into hiding, his new owner got prepared with his favorite treats and toys. Luckily, Pirate’s transition was flawless. He is now in a very loving home enjoying life as a healthy one-eyed cat.

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  1. Maria A. Conde-Arzuaga

    I have a rescue dog called Pirata (pirate) also whom I rescued 5 years ago in Puerto Rico and is one of the best decisions I have done in my whole life,it’s very nice to meet a cat with the same name and I thank you for giving him love and a home from the bottom of my heart!

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