Murdock’s Transformation

Not long ago, the sweetest 3-year-old Shih Tzu named Murdock came into our center with extensive problems to fix. He had been hit by a car, resulting in the loss of both of his eyes and a fractured jaw.

After performing surgery to remove both eyes, this sweet boy had to train himself to live his new life without sight. He adapted remarkably fast and now prances through life with his impeccable sense of hearing! However, his jaw is another story.  Murdock had to undergo two extensive jaw repair surgeries, the second resulting in the use of bone grafts to mold his jaw back together.

Murdock is currently recovering from this procedure, but as we all expected, he’s healing fantastically and is as happy as can be! He’ll soon be on his way to his new home in Washington with a loving momma who can’t wait to take care of him and give him the love and affection he deserves. We wouldn’t have been able to transform his life if it weren’t for our incredible donors who funded Murdock’s surgeries. With donors like you all, we can continue to change lives like Murdock’s, one surgery at a time.

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