The Little Angels Project is a non profit Veterinary Clinic and Adoption Center. We Rescue all types of animals from our local high Kill shelters. get them healthy and then find them new amazing homes. 

Cat adoption includes: Vaccines, microchip, deworm, testing for FIV/FELV, Check up by the vet and spay or Neuter. Senior Animals (Over 7 years old) also received bloodwork and dentals. 

Dog Adoption includes: Vaccines, microchip, deworm, Check up by the vet and spay or Neuter. Senior Animals (Over 7 years old) also received bloodwork and dentals. 

You can apply for an animal on our adoption website by clicking the buttons on the right. We also have an adoption center you can come and browse. If you are looking for a specific animals, please contact us prior to coming to the adoption center to make sure he/she is here. Address: 29348 Roadside Drive Agoura Hills, CA 91301


Fostering is a very rewarding experience that allows us to help as many animals as possible. It also helps provide much need socialization to our animals. Without fosters, we couldn’t do what we do. 

When you foster with us, we provide you with the supplies you need. If you would like to provide some of the supplies on your own, you are more than welcome, but we can provide food, bowls, blankets, toys etc. We also provide all medical care for the animal.

How do we get them adopted while they are in foster? 

  • We use our social media outreach (which has over 12k followers), several adoption websites, and mobile adoption events to get them adopted.

What if I end up wanting to adopt my foster?

  • This is something we call “foster failing”. You are able to adopt your foster at any time, but an adoption fee would still be due.